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Overview: Personalized Reports Based on Your DNA

Tellmegen is a personalized genetic testing service that provides users with information about their genetic predispositions to various health conditions, as well as insights into their ancestry and drug metabolism. 

While it promises both ancestry and health insights, I found that it’s more useful if you want to focus on how genetics affect your health. Its ancestry services are lacking compared to other companies like LivingDNA which doesn’t compromise either ancestry or wellbeing and instead offers a more comprehensive service. 

Nevertheless, what it does, it does well. You’ll find ample tools to research your genetics, user-friendly reports, and helpful customer support. Read on to find out more about Tellmegen. 

Tellmegen Quick Review: Pros, Cons & More

  • Based in Spain
  • Easy-to-understand results, with a focus on health reports
  • Great customer service with response times within 24 hours
  • Medical consultations available (at a price)
  • DNA matching service is not as good as others on the market
  • Expensive if you want more details

Get Started With tellmeGen

Tellmegen: Services and Products

TellmeGen offers DNA tests that analyze over 750,000 minor variations in your genetic makeup, providing insights into both your health and ancestry. They offer testing options for adults and children, including newborns up to three years old. For DNA testing of children, proof of parentage or legal guardianship is required.

TellmeGen primarily provides two types of kits: the Starter Kit and the Advanced Kit.

The Starter Kit

The Starter kit provides an in-depth analysis of 90 elements, encompassing well-being, personal traits, and lineage. This kit allows users to explore different aspects of their genetic composition, uncovering information about their general health, unique traits, and ancestral roots.

It’s important to mention, though, that while the kit includes a feature to connect with relatives, its functionality may not be as extensive as that provided by other genetic testing services.

The Advanced Kit

This one offers a more comprehensive analysis, covering 400 aspects. In addition to the information provided in the Starter kit, the Advanced kit includes detailed health analysis and information about drug compatibility. 

I was a bit disappointed to learn that the advanced kit doesn’t give me any extra knowledge about my ancestry. However, the health reports are very detailed and comprehensive. 

How Tellmegen Works

Tellmegen operates much like other DNA companies, and the process of ordering the test and getting your results is very simple. Here’s a quick guide on ordering a test from tellmeGen:

  1. Order the Test

    Customers can visit the TellmeGen website and choose the DNA testing kit that suits their needs, either the Starter kit or the Advanced kit. They can place an order online and provide the necessary information for shipping and payment.

  2. Receive the Kit

    Once the order is processed, customers will receive the DNA testing kit at their provided address. The kit typically includes a saliva collection tube and detailed instructions on how to collect the DNA sample effectively.

  3. Collect the DNA Sample

    Customers follow the instructions provided in the kit to collect their DNA sample. This usually involves spitting into the provided tube until the required amount of saliva is obtained. The kit will have specific guidelines on how to ensure the sample is properly collected and preserved.

  4. Sending the Sample

    After collecting the DNA sample, customers securely package the saliva collection tube and send it back to TellmeGen using the provided return shipping label. It’s important to follow the instructions to ensure the sample remains intact and suitable for analysis during transit.

  5. Access the Results

    Customers can access their results through a secure online platform provided by TellmeGen. They will typically receive login credentials to access their personalized report and explore the genetic information obtained from their DNA analysis. The results will arrive in 4-6 weeks. 

For customers who choose the Starter kit, there is an option to connect with genetic relatives. You can also contact customer support to address any questions or concerns that arise after receiving the results. They may provide additional information or guidance.

Important Note: The saliva sample you take must be clean, so Tellmegen recommends taking it in the morning or 30 minutes after consuming any food, beverages, chewing gum, or smoking. 

Understanding Your Results

Tellmegen’s report starts by revealing your genetic predisposition towards 125 different diseases, organized into six easily navigable sections, allowing you to prioritize which section you wish to explore first.

The report then delves deeper into these predispositions, providing insights into associated risk factors and symptoms. It also outlines your risk for inherited monogenetic diseases and how your risk level compares with the general population, including potential implications for your offspring.

Later sections of the report provide insights into how your body might respond to certain medications, your capacity to metabolize particular nutrients, and other health-related information. However, it’s important for U.S. individuals to note that this information and any related recommendations are not accessible due to the test lacking FDA approval.

The final section focuses on ancestry, detailing your genetic connections to 74 ethnic groups across 8 regions. While the test does not allow you to connect with relatives, it does provide information about your maternal and paternal lineages and their migrations over the last 250,000 years. Additionally, the test reveals your percentage of Neanderthal DNA.

I found this area quite lacking, especially since I couldn’t connect with any relatives. If you want to build your family tree and get to know people who share your DNA, I recommend AncestryDNA. It’s inexpensive, has the largest database of users in the world, and even offers a free trial

Privacy: Transparent and Discreet 

Tellmegen is very transparent when it comes to its process and how it uses your DNA data, so you don’t have to worry about it being sold to third parties. All of your information will be kept confidential. 

When you register your kit, you’ll be given a code, which will protect your private information. The website itself uses SSL cryptographic protocols, so accessing it is safe as well. 

Support: Good Resources, Prompt Replies

The primary tellmeGen website is accessible in English, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, German, and Italian. However, the comprehensive FAQs are not available in Portuguese, German, or Italian.

With your tellmeGen account, you gain access to additional resources, including a forum where you can connect with other customers to discuss concerns and ask questions. The forum is organized into topics and groups, aligning with tellmeGen’s reporting categories: genetic predispositions, pharmacology, hereditary, and traits.

To reach out to the company, you have the option of contacting them via telephone, email, or traditional mail. They strive to respond within 24 hours. Personally, I emailed their customer support team to inquire about potential future Y-DNA and mtDNA testing, and I received a response within approximately an hour.

Pricing: Not Very Budget-Friendly

TellmeGen is quite expensive, compared to other companies on the market. It provides DNA testing kits with different pricing options. If you purchase the Starter DNA kit directly from tellmeGen, it costs $89 for either one child or one adult. They also offer an Advanced option priced at $149. To make their services more affordable, tellmeGen offers Duo and Family test kits as bundles, reducing the cost per unit. Alternatively, you can find single test kits on Amazon for approximately $130.

Personally, I think that you could get better value for your money with a DNA test kit from Ancestry, which is less expensive and offers a free trial. Alternatively, if you want more info about your health and how your genetics impact it, you can also try LivingDNA.

Bottom Line: Good for Health Insights, Not for Ancestry

Overall, Tellmegen does what it promises to do. While I found the DNA test kit results lacking in Ancestry data and incomplete for US users, it offers good customer support, great privacy, and decent health insights. 


What is Tellmegen?

Tellmegen is a DNA testing company that provides personalized genetic reports based on an individual’s DNA analysis. The company aims to offer insights into various aspects of health, ancestry, and traits based on genetic information.

How does Tellmegen DNA testing work?

Tellmegen DNA testing involves collecting a saliva sample using a provided kit. The kit contains instructions on how to collect the sample and return it to the company. Once the sample is received, Tellmegen analyzes the DNA and generates a comprehensive report based on the individual’s genetic data.

What kind of information does Tellmegen provide in its reports?

Tellmegen provides a range of information in its reports, including ancestry analysis, health-related genetic markers, pharmacogenetics (how your genetics may influence response to certain medications), traits analysis, and nutritional recommendations based on genetic factors.

Is Tellmegen’s testing accurate and reliable?

Tellmegen strives to provide accurate and reliable genetic testing results. However, it’s important to note that genetic testing, like any scientific process, has inherent limitations and uncertainties. Genetic testing results should be interpreted in conjunction with other sources of information, and it’s advisable to consult with healthcare professionals or genetic counselors for a comprehensive understanding of the results.

Can I download or access my raw genetic data from Tellmegen?

Tellmegen provides the option to download your raw genetic data. This allows you to explore other third-party services that accept such data for further analysis and interpretation. However, it’s important to be cautious when sharing genetic data and only use reputable and trusted platforms.

How long does it take to receive the results from Tellmegen?

The turnaround time for receiving results from Tellmegen can vary. Typically, it takes several weeks from the time the company receives your sample. However, the exact timeframe may depend on factors such as sample volume and processing capacity.

Does Tellmegen offer genetic counseling services?

Tellmegen does not provide genetic counseling services directly. However, they may offer general resources and information in their reports to help users understand and interpret their genetic data. If you have specific medical or genetic concerns, it’s advisable to consult with a qualified genetic counselor or healthcare professional.

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Joseph Levy
Joseph Levy
Joseph Levy kommer fra New York og bor for tiden på Kypros. Etter å graduere i juss og fikk 8 år med erfaring på den sivile siden av amerikansk lov, flyttet han til Kypros og skiftet fokus fra å være en advokat til å gjøre det han i starten elsket mest: å skrive innhold. Joseph prioriterer ikke bare ærlig nøyaktighet, men gir også et informativt og interessant perspektiv til alt han setter navnet sitt på.

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